Will Things Ever be Normal?

Dear Believer,

You are wondering if things will ever be normal?

Your guess is as good as mine.
Change has always been the order of things from beginning.

Following the events of the Bible, the first man and woman were exiled from of their first abode— the garden of Eden as a natural consequence of their choice. Things never returned to normal for them. Not even in their lifetime.

The pervasion of morals kept increasing such that God regretted He made human. In everyone’s eye at the time but Noah, things seemed normal perhaps. God tried a hard-reset of the world using the flood. Don’t blame Him, He made humans to have a relationship with them, but they threw Him out of the picture.

Talk about the hard reset with the flood, did things ever return to normal? Maybe in Noah’s family generation. The new didn’t last too long before it was perverted again. Their choices and decisions led them again into bad consequences time after time. God left them to their fate, a lost people.

They started crying out for figure-heads to lead them in the ways of God. The God they’re supposed to know on a personal level.

Then came leaders, Judges and Kings in order to lead them in the ways of God. This method was sustainable too at the time, until the same people became worn out with it. They were neither here nor there.

God sent Jesus Christ His Son; A response and an answer to the people’s cry to save them from strenuous religion. The same things they once wanted before had become burdensome. Jesus came, died and established a new way to the Father- a concession set to restore the Father’s original intention with respect to relationship with Him.

Through these ages and generations, the norm had changed a couple of times, yet the essence remained the same. God was still there regardless of whichever way they’d turn. He was there to help.

So the question begs: what is normal anyway?

“Conforming to a type, standard, or regular pattern : characterized by that which is considered usual, typical, or routine”


What type? Standard and regular pattern? Who decided this? What was the inspiration behind that pattern? Is there any other way?

Ask all the questions, probe it, lay the cards all on the table. These questions will only lead you back to the origin of all things. The Beginning. God.

We are all born into a time and age that works with certain pattern and standards during that time. These patterns gained the general acceptance as its “norm” because minds are usually conditioned to a way of doing things with time.

The idea of a norm can fester long enough until it is challenged either by questions or exposure to better methods. So what we know as normal will always change as long as we are alive in this world; Ask your parents or those who have lived longer than you, what they once knew to be normal had changed a couple of times.

In our time for example, the corona virus pandemic changed the normal 9-5 work culture to remote work. Same-sex marriages which were once considered ‘strange’ have become included in the society and slowly into the church.

The idea of normal is disoriented by the world’s definition, such that holding on to this sense of normal would be refusing to accept that things will keep degenerating until the end. If we strive to live by the world’s definition of the norm, we are only being short-sighted in view of the big picture.

The big picture remains God’s plan and intention, the will of God. The word of God. God. This is the only Normal in the real sense. Everything else changes, but he remains the same. His intentions since the beginning hasn’t changed.

Sky and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away.

Matthew 24:35 AMPC

The moment the first man disobeyed God and turned the other way, He stepped out of normal (God’s perfect state) to abnormal (imperfection and chaos).

This ‘normal’ is what we should clamor for; that amidst the consequences cause by human decisions, our hearts are still one with God. That our faith will not degenerate alongside the crazy haps around us. That God’s words still remains the final authority our lives.

The moral things we should fight for should be the opportunities to do His will here in earth as it is in heaven. That as we fight for the rights we deserve, we don’t fail to see the big picture of where it all ties to.

More explicitly, these degenerations are gradually leading us to the end of the world as spoken of in the Bible. See the wars and dissensions everywhere. Looking closely, there’s no nation that is perfect; Africans are fighting political reforms and freedom from government oppression, the West is clamoring for abortion rights and the Middle East is torn apart by religions fanatics and terrorists. Every nation has their lot, and these issues will keep escalating with time.

In summary, a sense of normal in this world is flawed and inconsistent, constantly changing time after time depending on how it feels.

But what will stand the test of time regardless of the changing times? What foundation do you hang your entire belief system and hope on?

No one can lay any other foundation besides the one that is already laid, which is Jesus Christ

1 Corinthians 3:11 CEB

Jesus remains the true foundation such that when you hang you hopes on Him, you will be solid and unshaken through the changing times. Stay in Him long enough to prove Him right. Or wrong. This is the true normal we should aspire to.

Photo by Redrecords ©️ from Pexels

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