It was appreciation night on my nightly radio show; my co-host had asked everyone to share what ‘true Love’ meant to them.

Answers varied, trust, they were all very meaningful and lovely. While some said true love did not exist, the lovers took to the stage to express their affection for one other, saying beautiful things about/to the one they loved.

My heart melted. It was such an emotional night on the show and I enjoyed every bit of it.

I thought to write mine out. Here it is…

True love is

For it has taken responsibility of me

I’ll never understand its depth

Keeps me safe and secure

Never expires or wears out on varying situations.

Very intimate
Knows me in and out, with the exact number of hairs on my head

Does not judge me
Even when I do the worst things. It says I have been pardoned and shows me a better way. 

True love doesn’t let me walk away, ever. Always insists on my staying, for it says:
I’m not done loving you, and I don’t plan on being done. Ever.

True love sees me all the time
For HE has my name tattooed in the palms of his hands

Makes me realize HE will give his life for me over and again if he is required to

True love says not worry about anything:
I got you anytime any day; all you have to do is put your hands in mine, and I’ll take it from there

True love is inexhaustible
For these is no end to it

It isn’t a characteristic of a person
Neither is it hard to find like others would say 

You shouldn’t have to wait on true love to come to you
True love says I’ve been here with you all along. I just need you to realize that. 

Words may have failed me in defining the essence of this love
And I could go on and on about it too, but you know what? 
True love is a person.

True love is Jesus ❤️

Photo by Designecologist from Pexels

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6 years ago

Beautiful write-up Aniekan…Love cannot be quantified indeed. Well done!