The Seed Story

Annie was once broke and hungry
Annie prayed,

God sent Lisa to give Annie a few corns
Annie was very grateful

Annie had a feast of corn
Corn meal, corn flakes, pop corn …
She said “tomorrow God’ll provide another”

Tomorrow came, Annie was hungry again
She prayed, she waited, she bawled
She thought “God has gone silent on me”
She mused “if only I planted a few seeds yesterday”
By now I’d have hope for food

Don’t be like Annie

There is a seed in every gift
You have some, you sow some
The seed isn’t always the larger portion
Nor is it the smaller portion
But rather the sacrificial portion

The seed sown today guarantees bread tomorrow
For the harvest is always greater than the seed

Cast your bread upon the waters …
For you will find it after many days

[Ecclesiastes. 11:1]

God wants us to meet others’ needs with our gifts
It may not always be a physical need
Seeds vary in words, time, kind act …
For good begets good;
Give and it shall come back to you

The wisest man recorded in the books once said:

Be generous: Invest in acts of charity.
Charity yields high returns.
Don’t hoard your goods; spread them around.
Be a blessing to others.
This could be your last night.

[Ecclesiastes ‭11:1-2 ‭MSG]

Photo by Patrícia Paixao from Pexels


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