About Life by the Spirit

About last year, I picked up the book – Good Morning Holy Spirit by Benny Hinn for the first time and was introduced to the wonderful person of the Holy Spirit. Papa Hinn’s testimony made me say a prayer: “Holy Spirit, if you are real, I want to do life with you from now on”. Priorly, I have had a problem with making the right decisions- always confused and not exactly certain about a lot of things. I have followed the ways of mentors, role models, and peers but they didn’t get me so far.

So, I thought- if God the Spirit, knows the mind of the One who made me, why don’t I ask Him for help with everything then? Afterall He knows exactly what I should be, where I should go, what I should be doing … I desired to make clear-cut and absolute decisions with everything in my life, rather than waste time trying different ways only to get myself hurt, causing unnecessary delays. I went into this relationship with a very simplistic mindset yet focused on obeying every Idea He whispered to my heart.

It is amazing how HE took this very seriously, even more than I expected. And since it was a pact for me, where I was done with all other options and HE was my last resort to the best life, I took it – that decision to follow HIM. I thought, at most, I’d know if it was worth it or not… I gave Him the timeline of a year to do what HE needed to do! And oh!!! HE not only changed me, but every other thing in my life for the better.

Starting with my devotion to God, HE graced me with a hunger and consistency that I had never known. Spoke directly to me about my career, finances, family and purpose, placing a desire in me for more, to come up higher. HE fulfilled every of these desires in these areas as I obediently followed His leading. Everything else I was vying for in life paled in comparison to the plans HE had for me. I experienced a magnificent shift holistically as a person in less than a year. These changes were not just limited to my choices and dreams but walking with the Holy Spirit has given me an overall perspective that we could never (by ourselves) get to the zenith of our lives without HIM as our helper. He was sent by Jesus to help us live this life. Now doing life with HIM is for our own good and benefit, because only then, will we completely walk in the perfect will of the Father, pleasing HIM.

One of my favorite preachers, David Diga Hernandez would always say “The Holy Spirit can accomplish more in a moment than we can accomplish through 100 years of striving”. It is so true how much we toil, going around in cycles when we ignore the very one who was given to help us. HE lives in us, but our lives are so noisy that we often miss His directives. I started this blog, not just to share my experiences but to encourage more people to come into this relationship with HIM even as we make HIM known.

Thank you for coming on here, and now that you are here, The Holy Spirit will help you live and experience the best life you could ever know!

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