Depart From Me, I Never Knew You!

Excerpt from a Whatsapp group conversation

Bible Verse: “You can enter God’s Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway to hell is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose that way. But the gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult, and only a few ever find it. (Matthew 7:13-14)

Friend: “Why only a few? With the millions of people that identify as saved or as Christians in the world? Something is not adding up … “

I was very stressed yesterday

I mean in the midst of this COVID-19 lock-down where everyone is supposed to just stay put.

I not only had my own chores to do, but I had other people and things making demands on my time; These are tasks I voluntarily took up, so they were not coerced on me. They seemed good to do, considering what I’ll stand to benefit from them eventually.

For example: I’m working with a group of like minds who are building and becoming a business network for Africa. And I accepted a role in there because I was projecting a future as a business magnate – where I will surely need to have a circle of business professionals who add value to one another. Come on! That’s a good thing right?

At the end of my day while reconciling the activities in my day, I began to think of which of these activities are actually important with respect to what God has called me to do? Which of them is actually addressing the intent and purpose of my being? You probably know what God has called you to do and I know mine. And the above example didn’t necessarily fit it in at this juncture. Though a good thing to do, yet not absolutely critical to HIS purpose and intent for me. It’s just extra.

That day, I was stressed to the point that I no longer had the mental energy (talk-less of physical energy) to do anything with regards to this assignment God had given me. As a believer, you cannot deny that when God gives you an assignment, it burns in your heart like a burden. Even though it cannot be completed in a moment, you would feel peace and a sense of purpose as you walk in it daily.

So I asked myself a few questions:

  • Why am I taking on these “good” projects?
  • What is exactly important in where I am headed?
  • Is it to look good to people?
  • Or that I can identify with a certain group of folks?
  • Is it to become relevant in my own crafted dreams?
  • To be lauded and applauded for my ideas?
  • Why?!

The Holy Spirit started ministering to me

Aniekan, you have to begin to say no to some things. As you grow in me, you have to start cutting them off so that you have the energy and focus to walk this narrow path I have called you to. This path is so narrow that you cannot carry on so much but only what is necessary! That’s why I require your utmost attention with what I have allotted you; in those things, I have given you enough strength to carry. That other project, you have to drop it. That relationship you took on, you have to drop it. That leadership title, that goal, drop them!

Yes, you may look crazy to some, because they think these are such great opportunities. The world runs amok everything that look and seem good, taking on these loads because they are after their own success, relevance and ambitions! In those selfish pursuits, they cannot find the way! Only a few who are attentive to my spirit’s leading ever find it- and these are the ones who do my will!

Matthew 7: 13-14 MSG

The journey in eternal life is that of constant stripping that as you follow me, I am constantly streamlining, aligning and positioning you to My will! A lot of good things will have to fall off from you, so that you will be succinct enough to pass through that gate! [well, except you want to hold on to them]. I want you to be clear and direct enough easily cut through and fulfill my will!

The journey in eternal life is that of constant stripping that as you follow me, I am constantly streamlining, aligning and positioning you to My will!

Yes, the world is full of Christians who identify with my name and are doing good works. But at the core of their ministry, they are not doing My will! Some are constantly in comparison to one another to see what looks like success, so they can imitate and follow suit. Jumping into partnerships and collaborations just to make themselves look big. All these are good, but inwardly, they are not doing my will!

Indeed I will answer them when they call unto me. I will perform miracles in their midst in name (because I cannot deny my name). They will be successful. Most will make a name for themselves using Me, but that’s not what I called them to do! At the very core of their hearts they know this truth- as My Spirit is in them always bearing Me witness. But they would not accept it, because what they are already doing seems “good” to all!

Matthew 7:21-23 MSG

On the last day, it is only the few who attentively follow my voice to do My will that I will recognize. The others, I don’t know them!

Now I wrote this completely in perspective of my season and journey with God, perhaps these scriptures may interpret differently to you. But if you are in a position where you are not sure, or don’t know for a start what you should be doing in your life, just say this prayer:

“Dear Lord, the world is so full of options, but I know that what pleases you is doing exactly what you ask me to do! So Lord, come into my heart, teach me, show me, help me understand perfectly, to do your will for my life – in Jesus’ name. Amen!”

I am happy to read your comments and views on this- so let’s fellowship in the comments section below. Know somebody too who will be blessed by this post? Please share with them using the buttons below. Also will be happy to connect with you on social media.

Cheers to Living by the Spirit

Photo by Josie Stephens from Pexels

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DC Okoli
DC Okoli
10 months ago

First of all, I am happy that your back!

Furthermore, I am amazed!
These words are apt!

I pray that God continues to guide and build you towards that and only that which he sole desires for you.

Obiageli Mache
Obiageli Mache
10 months ago

My girl!!

The Spirit is truly speaking to you. That Scripture, Matthew 7:13-14(MSG) was like whattttt! I love the way the version puts it. And the world needs that so much because selfish ambition and GODLY Vision seem to look alike sometimes but for the Spirit of discernment.

Thank you so much. More Grace and Strength to you sweetie. GOD bless you ♥️

10 months ago

My dear sis, Annie…
All I can say is I thank God for your life. I didn’t see this before I wrote that. The Holy Spirit is awesome. God bless you sis, I pray you step into what He wants to use you for in our time and times to come. I pray He strengthens you to be bold and courageous to do it the exact way He wants you to, at the right time, place and in the right way without fear in Jesus name amen. Praying and Talking to myself right now.
It is well
God bless you

David James
10 months ago

Abba: David, do the dishes when you’re back from school.
David: Gets back from school, goes outside and starts mowing the lawn.
Abba: Gets back from work and sees that the dishes are unattended to… David, why haven’t you done the dishes?
David: I mowed the lawn, Abba, and it looks beautiful.
Abba: That’s not what I asked you to do, I already spoke to Aniekan to mow the lawn, while you do the dishes.
David: Abba, doing the dishes isn’t so cool and fulfilling.

Abba: I know you more than you do, you think doing the dishes won’t satisfy you, BUT THAT’S WHAT I MADE YOU FOR……

7 months ago


7 months ago

Love it so much!!!