Hi, Welcome!

My name is Aniekan Akanam and I am from the southern Nigeria and I love to write! I like instrumental music, reading inspirational books and I love the idea of good food. I’m mostly introvertish, but never timid to engage in meaningful conversations. I love God, love people, and I’m a minimal fashion dresser as I like to keep everything simple.

I was a radio girl one time, owned a soul-show that talked about love, relationship and heart matters. I am an experienced Media Content Coordinator in one of Africa’s Leading Media Firms. I have a knack for efficient business processes and business sustainability.

My overall desire is to see everyone live out the will of the Father in their lives!

Why Life by the Spirit blog?

Last year, I picked up the book – Good Morning Holy Spirit by Benny Hinn for the first time and was introduced to the wonderful person of the Holy Spirit. Papa Hinn’s testimony brought me to a prayer: “Holy Spirit, if you are real, I want to do life with you from now on”. Priorly, I had a problem with making the right decisions- always confused and not exactly certain about a lot of things.

So, I thought- if the Holy Spirit who teaches all things, was available for me, why don’t I ask Him for help with everything then? Afterall He knows exactly who I would be, where I should go, what I should be doing … I desired to make absolute decisions with everything in my life, rather than waste time trying different ways, hurting myself and causing unnecessary delays.

It is amazing how HE took this very seriously, even more than I expected. Starting with my devotion to God, HE graced me with a hunger and consistency that I had never known. Spoke directly to me about my career, finances, family and purpose, placing a desire in me for more. HE fulfilled every desire as I obediently followed His leading, and I experienced a magnificent shift holistically as a person in a very short time.

Walking in the Spirit

Walking with the Holy Spirit has given me an overall perspective that we would never (by ourselves) get to the zenith of our lives without HIM as our helper. He is the Spirit of Jesus in us helping us to live a life that pleases the Father – just like Jesus did! Now doing life with HIM is for our own good and benefit, because in that we will have fulfillment and purpose.

I started this blog to share my learnings and experiences, so you would be encouraged as you come into this relationship with HIM. Thank you for coming on here, I believe that the Holy Spirit will help you to live and experience the best life you could ever know!

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