About The Aniekan

My name is Aniekan and I love to write. It is a gift I have never really taken seriously, because I mostly write to speak to myself, my prayers and conversations with God. But I am learning to share these pieces in hopes that someone out there would relate and that it’ll be the answer they need. Other times, I express my pieces in form of poetry and spoken word too!

Asides writing, I love good food, great conversations, reading a good book. I’m mostly introvertish, but never timid to engage as I like to spark meaningful connections with people. I love fashion too, though a minimal dresser. I love to keep everything simple.

I was a radio girl one time, owned a show that talked about love, relationship, heart matters, and soul. I hope to incorporate all that somewhere in this someday.

Presently I work in television, not in front of the camera, but on the systems managing the grid. I also have some interests in business; how they work – efficient business processes and of course business sustainability.

Back to blogging, every piece I share on here is born from a personal place – an experience, a struggle, a prayer or testimony. I write to encourage, to heal, to inspire and to fellowship with fellow believers. It is an intention that every part of my life would be an expression of God’s glory.

Would appreciate if you also join my communities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. and YouTube. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you never leave.


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